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Pallets – Plastic vs Wood?

Plastic pallets are more pleasing to the eye. They also last longer than wood pallets because they’re mostly used for transporting goods that aren’t as heavy as those being carried by wood pallets. Plastic pallets however are much more expensive than wood pallets.

Wood pallets are more affordable and their flexibility make them ideal for carrying any kind of goods. If wood pallets are damaged in any way, broken parts or boards can be easily repaired and replaced. Missing nails can likewise be replaced. With maintenance, wood pallets require almost no cleaning at all; owners however must keep them from getting too wet because all wooden products are vulnerable to moisture and extreme temperature changes.

Heat Treating?

Wood packaging material made of unprocessed raw wood can spread pests, which can lead to serious problems around the world. Globally approved measures have now been established to reduce this threat and protect local environments. If you use wood packaging for your products, the material must be heated in line with the regulations stated in the ISPM-15 Standards.


Certification in our industry refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of the products, and services provided by our organization. This confirmation is provided by regular external audit reviews and assessments of our products, processes and administrative traceability, to ensure that the required standards are consistently being maintained. Pallet Supplies have ISPM 15 accreditation as well as Telarc Quality Assurance accreditation.


All our pallets are manufactured to both national and international standards. Our pallet design system ensures that all pallets supplied meet the safety and quality standards for all materials handling requirements of our customers.

Estimated weight?

It largely depends on the structure, size and moisture content, of the pallet but anywhere from 20 to 30 kg for a standard 1000x1200 G/S pallet is the norm. Kiln dried pallets where requested will weigh substantially less. Our pallets can be designed to customer weight requirements in line with load test specifications where this is requested.

Number to be stowed?

To place or arrange in a suitable order. Pallet dimensions decisively determine capacity utilization of a container for example. The most favourable pallet size is a function of the internal container dimensions and the shape and weight of the packages.Four-way pallets (accessible by fork-lift trucks from all four sides) allow the floor area available in the container to be put to the best use.

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